Roy Perkinson
Note to the viewer
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How and why do I decide to make a specific painting? There is an instant of recognition that something I’ve observed could and must become a painting. These instants come as unexpected gifts, as if I suddenly found a pearl lying on a beach. I’ve come to realize that what arrests my attention in this way has several ingredients, but the most important is a quality of light that evokes an emotion akin, perhaps, to feelings that can come from poetry. Also, I am drawn to a scene that has an underlying sense of geometry and combination of colors that I judge to contain the possibility of delicious harmonies.


Then comes the process of distilling and refining these elements while trying to use the special properties and personalities of the medium itself, whether oil, pastel or watercolor. In making a painting I want to allow the medium to have its own voice, but I try to imbue the medium with the moods, memories, and visual delights I found in that original instant of recognition.


Some of my work is created on location, but occasionally I revisit certain ideas in the studio, where I may develop a new painting, often in a medium different from a prior version. I love working in oil, with its great range of textural and coloristic possibilities. I enjoy pastel because of its efficiency and directness when working on location, but I also relish the challenge of working in watercolor.

I grew up in Texas so it is not surprising that many of my pictures try to convey a sense of open spaces and often include attention to the sky, with its various moods and atmospherics.

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